sugarpinkrose (sugarpinkrose) wrote,

Botanical Series ACEOs

Yesterday I made a botanical block, and block printed 10 cards onto my hand dyed papers. Then I accidently broke the stamp. :( Whoops.

In the past I have purchased 3 different kinds of blocks- 2 different brands of the soft cut/ easy cut variety- speedball's & staedlaeter (I don't think that's really how you spell it?) plus regular old linoleum blocks. So far I've broken every single speedball block I ever carved within a few days of carving it. Needless to say I won't be buying those any more.

So my 2 favorite botanical cards are the ones I posted pictures of. They don't look all that good in the photos because they are metallic and the shinyness doesn't convey well digitally. These aren't for sale- I gave them as free gifts to a customer who recently bought 2 paintings from me. I really hope she will like them.

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