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"Standing Out and Fitting In", an Original Framed Collage/Assemblage

"Standing Out and Fitting In", an Original Framed Collage/Assemblage
Originally uploaded by sugarpinkrose.

Original framed miniature collage/painting/assemblage. This piece is part of my new "Youth" Series. The work incorporates dyes, lumiere metallic paints; vintage buttons and a bead (both plastic and glass); sewing thread~ the embellishments were sewn by hand onto the collage~ Polymer resin tiles with little tiny Guatemalan "Worry Dolls" embedded inside (the worry dolls used to be attached to a barrette that I wore a lot when I was in college~ I think the barrette really was from Guatamala but at this point I can't remember for sure); and the frame was totally different until I altered it to become what you see here, although you can still see a bit of its original texture peeking through.

The paintings that make up the collage are my own original artwork, including the tiny spin paintings~ they are hand painted. The dyed background is my own painting as well; the entire composition is my own work.

I would describe this piece as Contemporary, Modern, Abstract, Unique, and Fun.

This piece is available for sale on ebay via auction format. Please click here to view the listing.
The auction starts at 99 cents and there is no reserve.

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