Hello! This is the livejournal of Amy Solovay, artist, textile designer, ebay addict and avid blogger.

This is me:

I am the Guide to crochet at About.com. If you crochet, or if you want to learn how to crochet, I invite you to visit my crochet blog.

I love:

spin art.
silly self portraits.
paper lace.
scrapbooking with Clear Albums.
antique crochet.
knitting with color.
digital photography.
Ocean Cruising Sailboats like this one! (I soooo wish this boat were mine!)

Here is a link to my art & scrapbooking blog at amysolovay.com. (I update this blog much more often than I update my livejournal.)

And a link to my Paper Lace web site, which includes lots of lovely paper lace crafts, articles, and goodies for paper lovers. Paper lace is all the rage in scrapbooking and art supplies right now. Some of my favorite supplies at the moment are Lace Cardstock Paper by KI memories, Lace Paper Ribbon by Creative Imaginations, Martha Stewart Punches, and Fiskars Paper Lace Punches.

And a link to my Antique Crochet site, which includes lots of photos and information about antique crochet patterns, antique crocheted clothing and linens, etc.